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    Want a little more than swinging, looking for the ultimate turn on with your wives? then why not give dogging a try. Dogging is a major new craze which has took the UK by storm and i mean a storm ! it involves exhibitionists, voyeurs and of course swingers and doggers meeting up in UK car parks, secluded laybys and disused waste land for NSA fun. When couples arrive in car parks they invite doggers and exhibitionists to watch by flashing the head lights they then head over to the car and watch the couple get nasty, Husbands also let their wives fuck these strangers as they sit and have a wank. Sound like fun? then check out where the nearest dogging hotspot is to you drive down and get involved.

    A few dogging rules

  • Remember to set your rules then you can not get hurt, Here are a few things for you to remember when dogging.
  • Use caution and common sense when meeting strangers on the Internet. Don't give out any personal information.
  • Arrange meetings in locales that are away from the eyes of the public, but not so far out of the way that you can't get aid quickly if you need it.
  • Be familiar with the meeting location. Make sure there are at least two exits from the area and know where they are.
  • Protect your identity and privacy by adopting a "swinging name" and creating an alternate persona for dogging.
  • Females should always bring a male partner or companion to a dogging meet. Make sure it's someone you trust to protect your interests.
  • Always use condoms.  Buy a large box bring extras to share with whomever shows up.
  • Remember that just because someone looks clean, that doesn't mean they may not have STD.
  • If a woman's partner isn't using a condom with her, that's all the more reason you should.
  • Lube will make everyone more comfortable. Single-use packets are available and you can hand them out with condoms.
  • Hot Dogging Sites

    Check out these hot dogging sites with real dogging and swinging movies filmed from all over the UK. These dirty doggers show you how dogging should be done.

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